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  • The role of Khalifa Port is to accommodate Mina Zayed’s traffic, as well as the new cargo generated by KIZAD. Khalifa Port features the latest technology and has been designed to accommodate the largest ships..

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ADT marks 2 years without Lost Time Injury

Congratulations! Keeping a safe work environment is top priority at ADT and on 24 August 2015 it has been 2 years since the last LTI (Lost Time Injury) was recorded due to a heat related occurrence. This means from 2013 a clear record as a “Safe Organization”.

With almost 500 people of staff and a large number of contractors and vendors working inside Khalifa Port Container Terminal, a positive safety culture has been embedded within the organization, and for everyone involved at Khalifa Port. ADT employees were involved at the project phase of KPCT and during the design phase of the terminal. As a result, it became possible to eliminate many real-time port operational risks such as minimizing the amount of machine-people interface.

ADT requires all employees, contractors and vendors to abide by the company’s HSE principles for protecting people and providing a suitable working environment prior to starting any work inside the terminal which helps in ensuring high levels of productivity and carrying out work without any delays.

Protecting all persons who may be affected by KPCT operations is a key company policy and is the responsibility of all of ADT’s managers and employees. Therefore the company upholds the believe that “all incidents are preventable and must be prevented” and “all workers have the right to go home safe after their shift”.