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  • The role of Khalifa Port is to accommodate Mina Zayed’s traffic, as well as the new cargo generated by KIZAD. Khalifa Port features the latest technology and has been designed to accommodate the largest ships..

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ADT and Kizad present business opportunities to Pakistani businessmen

ADT and Kizad organized an exclusive business event in Abu Dhabi for Pakistani business persons on Sunday 13th March.

The half-day event titled “Opportunities in Abu Dhabi – A Maritime Trade, Industrial and Logistics Hub” was organised in collaboration with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC).

His Excellency Asif Durrani, the Pakistani Ambassador to the UAE, who is also the chairman of PBPC, delivered the keynote speech at the event, which attracted over 80 prominent Pakistani businessmen from across the UAE.

“The Embassy and the PBPC are happy to be part of this event that will also contribute to the bilateral economic relations between Pakistan and the UAE, while offering new opportunities to our business persons. I am sure Kizad is an ideal location that can attract Pakistani business person in the UAE, and in Pakistan where they face many challenges to establish and expand their business,” the ambassador said.

Martijn Van De Linde, CEO of Abu Dhabi Terminals, said: “Khalifa Port Container Terminal offers the ideal hub location for the Pakistani business community due to our location midway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and integration with Kizad. Our outstanding productivity levels and fast truck turnaround times ensure that cargo moves fast through the port, thus reducing costs for our customers.  An event like this gives us the opportunity to present details of all our services to the businesses and answer their enquiries on specific requirements,” he said.